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What is commercial property insurance?

Just as you would insure your home to protect you from massive loss in the event of damage or theft, you should also consider insuring your business. Commercial enterprises need commercial property insurance due to the often higher risk associated with commercial properties.

Who Needs It?

Not every business needs commercial property insurance. If you don’t have a physical space but want to protect other property, you might want to consider an inland marine insurance policy. For example, contractors may want to have contractor’s equipment insurance or builder’s risk insurance.


However, you should probably invest in commercial property insurance if you:

  • Own or rent commercial office or storage space
  • Have valuable property, such as computers or specialized tools on site
  • Have property you rely on to run your business

What’s Covered?

Property insurance coverage depends on two variables: what items are covered and what types of peril are covered.


While policies vary, typically covered are:

  • The building and related structures (signage, fencing, permanently installed fixtures, etc.)
  • Furniture, supplies and equipment
  • Landscaping
  • Inventory


Perils that are covered include:

  • Employee error
  • Fire
  • Weather (wind, hail, freezing, etc.)
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

What’s Not Covered?

The exact property that is covered varies from policy to policy, so always check with your agent regarding your coverage.


Almost universally, flood and earthquake damage are not covered, though an endorsement can be added to provide coverage for these situations.

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