Liability insurance used to present

a lot of challenges.

Now there’s Jones.

Jones gives you the freedom and flexibility of Pay-As-You-Go liability insurance so you can bid for any project with a fully compliant insurance policy. We’re helping millions of independent contractors overcome the hassle of liability insurance.

Get Jones. Get to Work.

Here’s why you’ll love Jones

It’s more affordable

Most companies only offer long-term policies and sometimes that’s just not the best solution. That’s why we offer per-contract coverage, allowing you to take on any project you’d like and cut your annual expenses by up to 40%.

Think about it – you only pay if you’re getting paid.

It gets you a certificate in 2 minutes

Once you enter the contract’s requirements, it takes less than two minutes to get the certificate of insurance right to your phone. Once you have that, you’re ready to roll.

You don’t even have to send it to the client because Jones take care of that too.

It works directly with your client

Jones eliminates the need to go back-and-forth with your client.

All you need to do is enter their details and Jones makes sure your COI is approved.

It makes it easy to manage your COIs

Whether on your cell phone or on the website, Jones lets you handle all your current, future and even past policies on one simple platform.

With one click (or tap) you can view your policy details, share it with any client or modify it.

And it’s even easier to add a new certificate

Once Jones has your details, getting a certificate for a new project is as simple as the click of a button.

If the requirements don’t match your previous policy, don’t worry, because Jones provides a tailor-made policy for each project anyway.


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