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Only pay when you work. Save money when you don’t.


Get coverage for short or long-term contracts. Turn it off when you’re done.

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Each certificate is tailor-made to meet your client’s requirements.

When you’re with Jones, you get…

Pay-As-You-Go Coverage

We offer per-contract coverage, allowing you to take on any project you’d like and cut your annual expenses by up to 40%. Think about it – you only pay if you’re getting paid.

Instant Certificate

When you’re trying to win a contract, time is crucial. Jones gets rid of all the paperwork and back-and-forth bureaucracy. You can present your client with a certificate of insurance within minutes of getting the contract details.

Easy COI Management

Once Jones has your details, getting a certificate for a new project is as simple as the click of a button. If the requirements don’t match your previous policy, don’t worry, because Jones provides a tailor-made policy for each project anyway.

Devoted Support Department

Our one and only goal is to take the hassle of liability insurance off your shoulders so you can get to work. If at any point you need some help or you want to move things along, our support team is available via email, phone or even Facebook.


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Backed by partners that insure thousands of subcontractors

Jones represents A-rated insurance carriers that have placed coverage from coast to coast, protecting 1.2 million small business owners with over $10 billion in coverage.

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